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Default Air Force Logo One New Year's Resolution You Can Do
It's the start of a new year. Most of us make resolutions to eat better, exercise more, or work towards our next degree. I'm curious though to know how many of us made a resolution to get to know those we serve with better. Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President, was a great leader because he stood for what was right, honest and self-evident. But did
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Default Air Force Logo Commander sends holiday thoughts, wishes to Andrews
Dianna and I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. Hopefully all of you will have the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends over the next couple of weeks. This time of year we have the opportunity to reflect on the successes and blessings we experienced during 2007. For those of us in uniform our personal and Service
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Default Air Force Logo Questions seeking answers on a December Friday morning
Commanders, Chiefs, family members serving in our great Air Force, former co-workers, fellow running enthusiasts and Marvin Nation Members: As I prepare to PCS this month, I want to discuss my goals for 2008 and for the final three years of my 30-year USAF career. Holidays and PCS moves are great times to reflect on accomplishments and think about
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Default Air Force Logo Making those career choices
Have you ever thought that your current job is not for you and want to try something new? Would you think that someone could actually be on their fifth AFSC? Well look no further, that person is me. When I entered the Air Force I started out as a security specialist back in the day when the current Security Forces career field was actually two
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Default Air Force Logo AFDW commander emphasizes "Spirit of Giving"
I want to thank all of the Airmen in the District for their contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign thus far. As of today, more than 99 percent of the Airmen within the Air Force District of Washington and our partner units have been contacted with the information necessary to make a contribution. The CFC is nearing conclusion and will end
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Default Air Force Logo Have a Happy Thanksgiving
I wish everyone assigned to and living on Andrews a happy Thanksgiving. On Thursday most of us will gather with friends or family to enjoy a great meal and give thanks for our many blessings. Some at Andrews will celebrate Thanksgiving this year on duty. They will be guarding the base, sitting at the ready in the fire station, taking care of
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Default Air Force Logo Step Up to Challenges
In an ever-changing Air Force environment, the number of challenges that we each must face continues to grow. We are challenged by increased deployments, force reductions, and family concerns to name a few. The only acceptable response is to do what you do every day, which is meet the challenges head on. Any challenge can be as simplistic as the
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Default Air Force Logo Trust in Each Other
For most of the base populace, the end of the fiscal year comes and goes with little commotion. For those in the comptroller and contracting career fields, however, it's a period marked by long hours, rapid change, and a great deal of activity at every resource level. The closeout for Fiscal Year 2007 was no different, with Sept. 30 falling on a
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Default Air Force Logo 60 Years of Excellence, Marshalling a Superb Future
These are very exciting times for our Air Force and for OSI! We, as a command, are forging new ground every day and significantly expanding our warfighting capabilities. We're on the cutting-edge of cyber warfare, battlefield counter-intelligence and anti-terrorism tactics. The world and the Air Force are changing and so are we. OSI's mission is to
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Default Air Force Logo Individual readiness
We all talk a lot about readiness, but I'm not sure we really think about what that means.As I write this, thousands of Air Force personnel are deployed around the world away from their home stations. This makes the possibility YOU or I will be involved in a deployment very real.Readiness involves both personal and organizational issues. Some of
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