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NEWS | Jan. 29, 2013

Is it Time for a Tune-Up

By Lt. Col. Lisa H. Tice 11th Wing Chaplain

When I work with couples who are preparing to get married, one of the things I tell them is a marriage is like a car. I explain that in order to keep cars running properly, you need to perform routine maintenance.

Proper vehicle maintenance includes checking the fluid levels, replacing the oil and filters, and checking the tire pressure. In addition to the routine work, you need to perform scheduled maintenance to keep the engine and systems running at top efficiency.

A marriage, like a car, needs to be maintained. In order to maintain a marriage, you need to take the time to go out on dates, check communication levels, and make certain you are supporting and helping one another.

Every few years it is good to get a major "tune-up" for your marriage. The purpose of the tune-up is to help review and repair and communication issues that may have developed over time, to resolve misunderstandings and hurt feelings, and to revitalize your relationship.

There are many resources available to help you get the tune-up you need to keep your marriage going for a long time. The chapel is one of those resources, providing opportunities for you to enhance your relationship.

The chapel is sponsoring couples to attend the Family Life Weekends to Remember, which are two-day getaways where couples can find ways to keep their relationship in good running order. The first event will be Feb. 8-10, and the second is set for April 5-7.

In addition, we are planning a couple's cruise in late February or early March. During the cruise you can learn some secrets to a lasting marriage and talk to other couples who have strong and healthy relationships.

Your relationship is important and we want to help you keep it tuned-up and running for a long time. Contact the Andrews Chapel at 301-981-2111 for more information about our marriage enrichment programs