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NEWS | June 6, 2011

From the top - "It’s Game Time"

By Col. Kenneth Rizer 11th Wing/ Joint Base Andrews commander

When this article hits stands and cyberspace on Friday, we will have already bedded down the 12 advance members of an approximately 130-strong Inspector General team, technically sent here to evaluate the compliance of the Air Force District of Washington, 11th Wing, 844th Communications Group, and elements of the 79th Medical Wing. In reality, though, they're here to evaluate every element of Team Andrews, from family member compliance with automobile cell phone laws, to performance in two Emergency Management Exercises, to 11th Wing support to mission partners here, at Bolling and the Pentagon.

In short, from June 5 to 17 all 15,000 members of Team Andrews are about to undergo the most in-depth inspection we've had in 5 years. It is truly game time.

We are ready! An enormous amount of work over the past year has prepped us for this inspection, which was sorely needed. Because the former 316th Wing had never undergone a compliance inspection in its 5-year history, and because we've since become a joint base and only recently the 11th Wing, we needed this inspection to prioritize refinement of our processes. Our joint team has risen to the occasion, working in concert to prepare not just for an inspection but for long-term sustainment of efficient processes and procedures compliant with Air Force and joint guidance. When one looks at how far we've come in a short time, it's pretty amazing.

Now it all comes down to execution and attitude. We've put too much effort into our preparation to not want to show it off. Remember your training, have a sense of urgency, and work together to show the inspectors the fantastic programs you've built, as well as the superior Airmen and Sailors who confidently perform no-fail missions every day. I've seen this joint team accomplish incredible things, and this inspection will be nothing different. Just as we knocked it out of the park in creating a new wing last fall, in hosting DoD's largest Joint Service Open House and Airshow last month, and in demonstrating excellence recently in the 113th Wing and 779th Medical Group inspections, I'm confident Team Andrews will demonstrate yet again what it means to be the President's Base and the Chief of Staff's Own. I couldn't be more proud of our team, and I look forward to celebrating with all of you at the inspection outbrief on the 17th.

Good luck and have a great inspection!