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NEWS | June 1, 2011

Chief's Corner - Pressure, can you handle it?

By Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Brinkley 11th WIng Command Chief

I've heard it said pressure can create diamonds or cause pipes to rupture. The end result is based on how you deal with what is challenging your peace of mind. Those of us who work in the 11th Wing and the Air Force District of Washington will be having our compliance inspection, and for some it is a source of stress. Yet, I submit to you, there is nothing to get worked up over.

I recall when I was a young man at a bowling alley with my father. He was bowling against this man and needed three strikes in the tenth frame to win the match. My father looked at me before his first ball in the frame and simply uttered the word "pressure." I was puzzled by what he meant, because when he said it, he had a smile on his face. He then proceeded to throw three strikes in a row to seal the victory. On the way home, he told me that the tenth frame is just like the first frame, and if he did in the tenth frame what he did in the first frame all would be well.

I see our inspection as well as other things in life the same way. The inspectors are coming to verify that we are on top of our game. If we approach life by focusing, having attention to detail and putting forth the right amount of energy, then we should expect great results. When we wait until the last moment to get things in order, your results will be substandard.

When you have sound processes in place, you are always ready when you are called to stand up and perform. For this inspection, Airman should use outside stimuli to drive themselves toward excellence. Do not devote one ounce of energy towards negative thoughts or action.

So remember, focusing on the right things is the key: and not letting pressure from this CI negatively affect you. With the right focus, each of you will develop the true gifts that rest inside of you, and with that, it is my belief that the inspectors will discover many diamonds in the rough.