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NEWS | June 1, 2010

316th Wing Command Chief says farewell and thanks

By Chief Master Sgt. James E. Davis 316th Wing/Joint Base Andrews command chief master sergeant

Wednesday marked my final day as the 316th Wing Command Chief.

During the last couple of weeks leading up to this day I have had several moments of reflection of my time here at Andrews, now Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility Washington.

I am humbled to have had the opportunity to serve beside some great Americans, whom I call "America's sons and daughters."

Andrews has always made its mark in U.S. military history and the past 22 months have been no exception.

The men and women of the 316th Wing and Joint Base Andrews showcased their professionalism time after time during events such as the 56th Presidential Inauguration, Senator Ted Kennedy's funeral, the Maersk Alabama's crew arrival, the G-20 Summit, the Haiti Relief Effort, and the Nuclear Security Summit which hosted the world's top leaders from more than 40 countries.

The list of outstanding accomplishments go es on and on.

Oh, by the way, we became a joint base while all these events were being executed by America's Airmen.

During every Welcome to Andrews Orientation, I shared with the newcomers the effect they will have on our country.

Pick any of these events and at any other base it would take three to six months or more of planning. Here at Andrews, it's a natural occurrence.

You deserve to be proud, that is why I proudly yell, VIGILANCE ... STRENGTH ... PRIDE, because it denotes who you are and what you are accomplishing on a daily basis.

The relationships at Joint Base Andrews have continued to flourish with every organization on Andrews taking on the Chief of Staff's motto "All in."

The success that Andrews continues to thrive on is because of you.

To sum up your value to the American public, I will leave you with this story.

We recently hosted the 2010 Joint Service Open House on Joint Base Andrews, where approximately 200,000 people gathered at Andrews over a three day period.

The Monday morning afterwards an elderly gentleman came to my office. He could barely walk, his speech was very slurred and he trembled as he spoke.

He stated that he had to let me know how awesome our Airmen are at Andrews.

You see, he parked at the Thrift Store and slowly was making his way to the gates to gain entry, but he got to a point where he couldn't walk anymore and decided to turn around and return to his vehicle.

He said, that an Airman drove up beside him and said, "Sir, I am working the Joint Service Open House and I will take you inside to see the Air Show."

That is the type of Airman each and every one of you are on a daily basis, displaying Integrity, Service before self, and Excellence in all you do.

It has been my highest honor and privilege to serve as the 316th Wing Command Chief.
I thank each and every one of you for your service to Joint Base Andrews and our nation.

God Bless you and your families.