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NEWS | March 26, 2010

Drug use ends Airman's career

By Capt. Miguel R. Acosta 316th Wing assistant staff judge advocate

Last week, a serious message was sent to all Airmen at Andrews that illegal drug use in the Air Force is simply not tolerated and will be punished.

On March 2, Senior Airman Jacob Marshall, a 316th Security Forces Squadron member, was convicted in a court martial of two counts of drug use.

Airman Marshall was identified by the Andrews Air Force Base drug testing program as using cocaine and ecstasy on separate occasions after testing positive for the drugs in his urine. The facts revealed that while on leave, Airman Marshall used cocaine and then two weeks later used ecstasy on the weekend.

A panel of six officers sentenced Airman Marshall to six months confinement, reduction to E-1, two months of restriction to Andrews, and forfeiture of two-thirds pay for six months. As a result of his sentence, he is now airman basic and will be spending the next several months in the Norfolk Naval Brig.

Once he has served his sentence, he will be facing administrative discharge proceedings under Air Force regulations for illegal drug use. Airman Marshall has learned a very hard lesson from which we may all benefit. We are Airmen 24/7, and we are held accountable for our actions - even after duty hours.