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NEWS | Jan. 8, 2010

Ways to keep a resolution

By Maj. Margaret O'Hara 316th Wing Director of Staff

According to some recent news articles, 40 to 45 percent of Americans make at least one New Year's resolution. And, apparently, most of us make it to Valentine's Day before giving up. Fortunately for Joint Base Andrews, we have year-round services at our disposal to make most of our resolutions a reality.

Let's take a look at what listed as some of the most popular resolutions and what Andrews has to offer to help accomplish them. In fact, this column might be repetitive, since most of the opportunities are listed on the Noteboard on page four. But, I'm on page two, so here you go:

Lose weight/Get fit
You'd think military members would have this one down, but the truth is many of us still need to work to get or stay in regulation shape. The Andrews fitness centers offer 27 aerobics classes, which are free and taught by certified instructors. With all the work-out equipment and intramural sports available, there's really no excuse not to get up and get active. For those who need a little more help getting to their target weight, or just interested in learning, the Health and Wellness Center offers a variety of classes on weight loss and healthy living.

Manage debt/Save money
The Airman and Family Readiness Center is a huge resource to those with these resolutions. They offer personal financial consultants to help servicemembers and their families set up budgets and spending plans. Their services are free, confidential and anonymous.

Finish/Get an education

The Andrews Education Center is the gateway to that degree you have always wanted. The staff can help you with applying for college, tuition assistance programs and even careers in teaching after your service to the military is complete. As many know, the Community College of the Air Force and other Professional Military Education courses give college credit, so you may be closer than you think.

Don't let 2010 go by without taking advantage of all the programs Team Andrews has to offer to help you reach your goals!

There are many other resolutions and resources matched at Andrews. The chapel can provide you a place to grow spiritually or give back to others. If reducing stress is one of your goals, the Health and Wellness Center has a class for that. If you desire to travel, well, your unit deployment manager would be happy to set you up with that! But seriously, the Tickets and Tours office offers great deals on trips in the area and around the nation. Maybe you're looking to start a new hobby, like working on your car or kayaking. The Auto Hobby Shop and Outdoor Recreation Center can help you there.

Quit smoking

No need to wait until November for Lung Cancer Awareness Month, you can stop smoking this month! The Health and Wellness Center's Tobacco Cessation classes are four-week courses offered on Thursday at 11:30 a.m. The group support and education you can receive in this course, along with the pharmacological aids, such as gum and patches, are free, but you must attend all four weeks for it to be effective.