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NEWS | Oct. 2, 2009

What is Naval Air Facility Washington?

By Navy Capt. Timothy R. Fox Naval Air Facility Washington commander

Before I address the topic at hand, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Col. Steven Shepro, 316th Wing/Joint Base Andrews commander, and his team of professionals, both military and civilian, for making the transition to Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility Washington, henceforth referred to as "Joint Base Andrews," as smooth as humanly possible.

Operating in a "joint" environment is nothing new for our organizations. We have been doing it for years. The Joint Basing ceremony Thursday just formalized the process. That said, Colonel Shepro's leadership, coupled with an attitude of "how can we say yes" from all the players involved with this historic event, has laid a firm foundation for a successful future.

Throughout the course of this month, the Capital Flyer is slated to highlight the different roles and responsibilities that fall under NAF Washington. What started as an extension of Naval Support Facility Anacostia to train Navy Reserve aviators in 1961 has evolved into three distinct missions: NAF Washington, Naval District Washington Reserve Component Command, and Navy Operational Support Center Washington.

Under the NAF Washington umbrella, the command supports four Reserve squadrons (VR-1, VR-48, VR-53 and VAQ-209) and two air detachments (C-12 Detachment Washington and VMR Detachment Andrews) that provide tactical, logistical and VIP transport support around the globe. Airframes include the C-37B, C-20D, C-20G, C-130T, UC-35, UC-12W and C-12B. Other Navy mission partners include the Navy Branch Health Clinic, Navy Intelligence Reserve Region Washington D.C., Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic Site Washington and Naval Communications Security Material System Washington D.C. Our job is to ensure they have the facility sustainment they need to effectively complete their operational mission.

Within the Naval District Washington Reserve Component Command capacity, we support all Navy Reserve requirements within the National Capital Region for Navy Reserve Forces Command commander. This responsibility reaches out and touches over 6,000 Selected Reservists, Active Duty and civilian personnel. This includes providing oversight to Navy Operational Support Center, Baltimore, Md., located next to Fort McHenry. Our goal is to realize Vice Admiral Dirk Debbink's, Chief of Navy Reserve, vision for our Navy Reserve Force: "Ready now. Anytime, Anywhere."

Our final core competency is the Navy Operational Support Center, known as NOSC Washington. This responsibility actually falls under NDW RCC. The mission of NOSC Washington is to enable and support Reserve Component personnel to meet requirements of the Department of Defense. What makes NOSC Washington unique is that it happens to be the largest NOSC in the country, providing administrative support to over 4,300 Selected Reservists. These proud men and women are fully integrated within their Active Duty-supported commands throughout the NCR, providing viable contributory support on a daily basis.

These three core competencies define our responsibilities on the East side of the base. Looking forward, our vision is "Excellence in all we do: Innovative Leadership, Exceptional Customer Service, Proactive Communication." This sets the tone for our command and the commitment we have toward ensuring a smooth transition to Joint Base Andrews.

It is an honor to serve the Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Soldiers on this installation. We are looking forward to strengthening our relationship with our Air Force comrades in arms and together pursuing Colonel Shepro's goals of "Evident pride in ourselves, our mission and our base; presidential-level support and respect from each to all of Team Andrews and their families; Airmen fit and ready to fight and win across all spectrums."