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NEWS | Jan. 11, 2009

2009 -- A year of Pride

By Col. Steven Shepro 316th Wing commander

We have just begun a great year for Team Andrews. We will continue to grow, and once again, we will be at the center of history as we bid farewell to the outgoing President, support the inauguration of the new Commander-in-Chief, prepare for our largest-ever Joint Service Open House, and become the first fully operational Air Force-led Phase II Joint Base..all this while we excel in our crucial daily mission of supporting and defending our National Capital Region.

It will be a year of change -- our vision is to call it a year of pride. Many of you have voiced the desire to see "The Andrews Way" raised to a new level. These are the goals we have set to get there:

1. Evident pride in ourselves, our missions and our base. From the appearance and professionalism at the gates, into the facilities and attitudes across the base, we are aiming for excellence. It goes hand in hand with our extraordinary missions here. You will see it in new housing and lodging; in improved roads, runways and dining facility; and in better security perimeters and dorm ventilation, with plans for a new fitness center and library. In five years you will not recognize this base -- in a good way. And we want this pride to spread to every part of what we do and how we do it.

2. Top support and respect from each to all of Team Andrews and their families. We excel at supporting our national leadership; our support and respect to each other should be no less superb, because each has a vital role in our team success. The Team part of Andrews is indispensable, and we will continue to build cohesion and the ability to say 'yes' -- solid relationships and communication will be a high priority as will improved services, base functions, and plans for a charter school to draw people closer to their base. Since setting this goal, you have commented that things have improved around the base, and we can't slow down now.

3. Fit and ready warriors to fight and win across all spectrums. Over 300 of us are downrange fighting to win a pivotal is crucial that we are physically and mentally fit and ready to master any environment. Our new Tactical Fitness Center that opens this month will be a tool to build a new level of team fitness. Our wing runs have been another great event that will continue to expand in distance and scope as base runs in 2009.

We can and will meet these goals. Andrews is us -- enlisted, officer, civilian -- if you see where we can improve, act or communicate. The credit will not go to the critics, but to those who remember why they serve and the importance of the person serving next to them. If each and every one of us will believe in these goals and own them, this will be indeed be a proud and pivotal year for Andrews.