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NEWS | Feb. 22, 2008

Airmen and Ambassadors

By Lt. Col. Vince Logsdon 99th Airlift Squadron commander

A critical component of the greatest combat force in the world today, the United States Air Force gains its unparalleled strength from its people. We are well trained, equipped and organized to meet our leaders' objectives in an ever changing domestic and world climate. An all-volunteer force, our people are motivated to succeed by the very freedom that allows us to choose military service. 

We are a globally engaged force, working closely with our allies and depending on each other for success. Building rock-solid relationships is critical to America's security and more than ever we depend on our allied Airmen. Of over 200,000 Airmen carrying out missions for our Combatant Commanders, over 60,000 are stationed abroad and more than 26,000 are deployed. We are ambassadors...our actions and words build trust - the linchpin to victory. 

Our commitment doesn't stop in the international, allied arena, but continues in our own neighborhoods. We are members of our communities - Little League coaches, church volunteers, PTA leaders, and much more. We are ambassadors of our Air Force...every one of us, every day. We have a unique opportunity every time we speak or act to promote our tremendous history and future goals. Educate yourself on your Air Force. Be proud of your accomplishments and engage your community. 

Words matter...actions matter. As military members, we are always on duty. We are the US Air Force. Just as we perform our military duties with extraordinary pride and professionalism, we must take the same care in our words and actions. Everything we say and do is noticed, reflects on our Air Force, the US military and our great country. 

Many times, we are our neighbors' only insight into our Air Force. When your neighbors thank you for your service, thank them for their support. Your daily actions affect our ability to fly, fight and win. 

Strive to live your daily life as a beacon to our fellow Airmen - we can help each other by educating, maintaining the highest standards in all we do, and promoting excellence in every aspect of our lives. Excellence doesn't just happen, it must be cultivated by all of us...this is essential to ambassadorship. 

I am proud to serve with the professionals in our Air Force. We are trained to perform the most difficult tasks with precision never before seen. Our neighbors and allies hold us to the highest of standards...not only when performing our primary military duties. Thank you for all you do every day on the job and at home. Be proud and share your skills and enthusiasm with your fellow Airmen, allies and communities. Your actions will ensure we remain the most prolific fighting force in the world!