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NEWS | Sept. 26, 2014

"Why would I see the IG?"

By Lt. Col. Jason Wollard 11th Wing Inspector General

"Why would I see the Inspector General?" The simple answer is that you should see the IG to solve any problem that you cannot resolve through your chain of command.  We are in the people business. We are here to eliminate problems or concerns that hinder our fellow Airmen from accomplishing their mission.

As the 11th Wing IG, the number one question I get from the Airmen is, "what is a valid IG complaint?"  The IG is designed to look into violations of governing directives, instructions or policy. That being said, our first question will always be, "have you used your chain of command?" Unless your chain of command is the problem, you should always start there. 

What can we do with a complaint? It depends; if it is a matter that typically falls under a unit commander's purview, such as financial irresponsibility, adultery or misconduct we refer that complaint to the appropriate commander for dispensation.  If the complaint deals with reprisal or restriction, then the IG office will conduct the review and present the facts to the 11th Wing Commander for his review and direction, which may include a formal investigation. 

Surprisingly, only 2 percent of all Air Force complaints actually end with an investigation.  Many Airmen do not know how the system works, so we help them out.  We are uniquely positioned to reach out across various base agencies - this is, without a doubt, the most rewarding aspect of our job. 

The IG can be contacted at (240) 612-6351.