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N/A Mission, customer service, and pride
Being a part of the 11th Wing is both incredible and very challenging, because for many of you, your mission is both right here and expeditionary. When I flew the HH-60G Pave Hawk for combat search and rescue, deployments were frequent. At the same time, I did not have a home-station mission other than training and being in charge of mobility and deployment requirements. For the most part, when aircrew and aviation support personnel were at home, they were training, spinning up to deploy, or reconstituting.
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Default Air Force Logo Finding balance
JOINT BASE ANDREWS, Md. -- Throughout my 22 years of serving in the U.S. Air Force I’ve often heard people talk about finding balance between work and personal life. In the beginning, I didn’t fully understand the struggle because I was so focused on being the best Airmen I could be that I didn’t consider I was possibly leaving a void in another
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Chief Master Sgt. Nathaniel Perry Why we serve – a common oath
This July, our great Nation will celebrate 241 years of age and The Constitution of the U.S., which lays the foundation and provides the blueprint for our republic, will turn 230 years-old.  Over the course of these years, we have become the most powerful nation on the planet and a symbol of freedom for others to aspire.  These freedoms we now
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Default Air Force Logo Celebrating diversity in our Air Force
Many of us trace our ancestry and heritage to countries outside the United States and the “melting pot” history of our nation is well-publicized.  Often, we forget how the country we know and love today is a direct result of the fusion of different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures during the past 240 years of our nation’s existence. 
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Default Air Force Logo He DESTROYED that commentary!
If you are like me, your social media stream is littered with articles that use words like “destroyed,” “obliterated,” etc., always in capital letters, to entice you to click on that link.  This technique is used across the political spectrum, usually by authors who have little to no new or compelling information to offer in their article.  I would
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Default Air Force Logo Taking Care of People
Throughout my military career, I have had the honor of meeting several military members' extended family. Many times, these family members would arrive at base due to hospitalizations or other hardships. One thing that continues to catch me by surprise is how shocked the families are at the level of care within our units.  The non-military family
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