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N/A Memorial Day: Being thankful for those who came before you
As we approach the end of May, we start to look forward to the warmer months and everything that summer brings with its arrival every year. For most, this means more time outdoors: camping, grilling out, fishing, boating and going to the beach.
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Col. E. John Teichert Official Photo Avoiding the Hard Way
On June 25th, 1950, the North Korean Army crossed the 38th Parallel headed south. In less than a week they had conquered Seoul, and a few days later they faced a contingent of American military forces assembled in an organization known as Task Force Smith. These proud American military members thought that their mere presence would intimidate the North Koreans. In “This Kind of War” T.R. Fehrenbach said, “It was generally agreed upon that the North Koreans, when they found out who they were fighting, would turn around and go back.” The Americans were wrong!
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Melanie Moore is a cancer survivor who has worked for the Army and Air Force for over 34 years. She reminds everyone to get checked because it could save your life. YOU CAN’T SURVIVE IF YOU DON’T GET CHECKED!
It all starts with a mammogram. Don’t wait. Go get yours today. It may be uncomfortable, but it really can save your life!
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Default Air Force Logo Celebrating diversity in our Air Force
Many of us trace our ancestry and heritage to countries outside the United States and the “melting pot” history of our nation is well-publicized.  Often, we forget how the country we know and love today is a direct result of the fusion of different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures during the past 240 years of our nation’s existence. 
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Default Air Force Logo He DESTROYED that commentary!
If you are like me, your social media stream is littered with articles that use words like “destroyed,” “obliterated,” etc., always in capital letters, to entice you to click on that link.  This technique is used across the political spectrum, usually by authors who have little to no new or compelling information to offer in their article.  I would
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