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June 28, 2012

Retiring commander reflects on career, family, faith

After serving more than 25 years on active duty, Col. Ken Rizer, 11th Wing/Joint Base Andrews commander, is slated to retire in a ceremony here on July 6. Surrounded by friends, family members and fellow coworkers, Rizer's dual retirement and change-of-command ceremony will commemorate his extensive Air Force career and highlight the many

June 22, 2012

Reading is so delicious!

Team Andrews community members of all ages appeared eager to ingest knowledge at the Joint Base Andrews library as they signed up for the Summer Reading Program at the kick-off party event held from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. on June 18. The Summer Reading Program here lasts through Aug. 11.The theme for the DoD sponsored program, 'Reading is so Delicious,'

June 15, 2012

Team Andrews Airman helps bring cash flow back to Iraq

In August 2010, President Barack Obama announced the end of the combat mission in Iraq. In December 2011, images of the last U.S. servicemembers leaving the country flooded the media. But they weren't the last to leave. A handful of U.S. servicemembers, alongside a strong U.S. and international contractor presence, remain in the country to live and

June 14, 2012

MANning the Homefront links male military spouses

It has been said that spouses have the toughest job in the military. They support the military member and their children through frequent moves, long spans without their significant other due to deployments, and even learn a new language filled with acronyms, "hooahs" and the occasional "roger that."Military wives clubs have been around since the

June 7, 2012

744 CS's Airmen Motivation Program 'amps' up fellow service members

What could motivate you to wake up at 4:30 a.m.? Is it free food? A guaranteed spot in the HOV lane? The ever-dreaded mandatory unit formation? For most, it would probably take much more than mental fortitude to relinquish the comfort of warm bed sheets before the sun is up. But for some, the thought of waking up at 4:30 a.m. isn't even a thought

June 6, 2012

Recent ceremony a 'major' deviation from the norm

From the most senior officer to the newest enlisted Airman, promotion is a milestone best celebrated standing alongside family and friends. Thanks to modern technology and a little ingenuity, a joint military couple serving thousands of miles away from one another was able to share in each other's special day during a double-promotion ceremony here

June 1, 2012

Andrews command chief to retire

After serving in the Air Force more than 28 years, Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Brinkley, 11th Wing/ Joint Base Andrews command chief, is slated to retire in a ceremony here on June 8. While serving as Andrews' command chief, Brinkley was responsible for the quality of life and installation support of more than 4,500 enlisted personnel assigned here.

June 1, 2012

Air Force husband earns Military Spouse of the Year award

A husband who championed the progression of disability policy and the exceptional family member program received the 2012 Military Spouse of the Year Award in Washington, D.C., May 11. Jeremy Hilton, spouse of Air Force Lt. Col. Renae Hilton, an Air Force Office of Special Investigations agent here, received the award during a luncheon at the

May 23, 2012

Joint Base Andrews proud to host 11th Bombardment Group reunion

History was brought to life through stories from members of the 11th Bombardment group and their families during their reunion held here May 15-19. Their visit was filled with multiple events during their stay in the National Capital Region (NCR).The veterans and their families kicked off the reunion in a major way by participating in Military

May 3, 2012

Prominent leadership granted experience of a lifetime on JCOC 83

A diverse group of leaders from across the nation had a rare opportunity to experience life through the eyes of service members from each branch of the Department of Defense on a week-long tour to various military bases in the United States during the 83rd Joint Civilian Orientation Conference, which began April 22."The purpose of the JCOC is to