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Nov. 1, 2006

Andrews civilian eats her way to world records

Competitive eating is the name of the game to the Burger King manager at Andrews, who ranks third among speed eaters worldwide. Sonya Thomas, who manages Burger King, holds 29 competitive eating world records since she began competing in the United States and abroad three years ago. No other female speed eater comes close to such an achievement

Nov. 1, 2006

Lieutenant experiences 89 AW heritage

Being a lieutenant awaiting pilot training can be rough. APT lieutenants are expected to prove themselves through multiple tasks, which are often varied in nature and skill level, all while learning the ropes of how to be an Air Force Officer. Still, many APT lieutenants smile easily. Probably out of the excitement that comes from a new adventure

Oct. 24, 2006

Family Advocacy educates Andrews in domestic violence prevention

At night, screams are sounded in the homes of families who are affected by abuse... physically or mentally, probably both, but not everyone can hear their cries. While some are deafening, others are silent and held within. They are also sometimes victim to hiding cuts and bruises. The offender, someone they love, has scarred them, but it isn't