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Default Air Force Logo It’s time to push all in or fold for three MLB teams
Well, it's that time of year again folks. It's time for teams to decide if in their heart of hearts they really think they have a shot to not only make the playoffs, but do some damage in October. By this point, teams need to know whether or not they'll try and acquire that missing piece to help them over the hump. If the season is a lost cause,
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Default Air Force Logo 2010 NBA Draft: Winners and Losers
Each year, the NBA Draft offers a glimmer of hope to all 30 teams. Hope that their respective team lands an impact player that can be the face of their franchise for the next decade or perhaps for teams closer to the promised land, a solid guy to come off the bench and give your stars a breather. Every draft is different. Some are strong due to the
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Default Air Force Logo When did the D.C. sports scene become exciting?
The headline says it all. When did D.C. have this much excitement over not one, but all four of its professional sports franchises? In the past, each has had their time when they were the talk of the town, well, except for maybe the Nationals, but there hasn't been a time in recent memory when they all were heading in the right direction.The
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JOINT BASE ANDREWS, Md. -- Vanessa Jones, left, Cape Fox Professional Services motorcycle safety instructor, guides a group of sports bike riders through various training scenarios during a Military Sport Bike Rider Course held on Andrews June 16. The purpose of the specialized course is to illustrate the correct technique when cornering and handling sport bikes. Classes are held on Andrews at least once a month, and throughout the National Capital Region weekly. (U.S. Air Force photo by Bobby Jones) Sport Bike Riders Course available on Joint Base Andrews
In the spirit of ensuring all Joint Base Andrews servicemembers have a fun, but more importantly, safe summer, there is a new Military Sportbike Rider Course available on our installation. The purpose of the course is to teach riders the correct techniques when cornering and handling sport bikes, said Mr. Jamie Kesselring, 316 Wing Safety
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Default Air Force Logo Air Force Cycling Classic rides through the area this weekend
Cycling enthusiasts from around the world will gather Saturday and Sunday to ride in the Air Force Cycling Classic in Crystal City and the Clarendon Cup race in Arlington, Va.Last year's event drew more than 1,000 riders who toured pass the Air Force Memorial and other points of interesting in the D.C., area."In keeping with the Air Force's 2010
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Default Air Force Logo Tactical Fitness Center: ensuring Andrews is Fit to Fight
After four months of renovations, Team Andrews opened the doors to the Tactical Fitness Center in January 2009. Since then, it has played a huge part in helping Andrews' servicemembers and their families improve their physical fitness and overall health.The TFC, a 4000 square foot multi-purpose room that features enough weightlifting equipment and
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Default Air Force Logo MLB Division Leaders: contenders or pretenders?
Tampa Bay Rays - The Rays have shot out of the gate to the tune of an MLB best, 18-7 record, which is due in large part to their impressive 9-1 record on the road. Is that dominance away from Tampa Bay sustainable? Of course not, but this team has the talent and experience to challenge the Yankees for the division crown. It will come down to
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Default Air Force Logo 2010 NFL Draft: Who improved most?
While it is most certainly true that it's hard, and some would even say unfair, to judge a team's draft too soon, the alternative is to wait three years and have the benefit of hindsight to declare who did well. Where's the fun in that? The NFL shifting the draft to prime time was a huge success as they saw a 30 percent ratings increase from last
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Default Air Force Logo NBA Playoffs: Round 1 Breakdown
Eastern ConferenceCavaliers (1) vs. Bulls (8) - Cleveland finished the season with the league's best record, but that doesn't mean that they don't have flaws. If Lebron James is going to win his first title this season, he's going to need some help from his teammates. When he rears back and charges through the lane like the bulls at Pamplona,
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Default Air Force Logo National League 2010 Predictions
N.L. EastThis division is definitely the National League's most talented and exciting. It's filled with well known superstars like Ryan Howard, Hanley Ramirez, David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman, but it also has some new arrivals that are sure to make some headlines. Guys like Roy Halladay and Jason Heyward are at opposite ends of their careers, but
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