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Connecting the world September 27, 2007 — Twenty years ago when you needed a phone number you pulled out the base phone book. When you needed to type a letter, you walked over to the typewriter and painstakingly typed one up, and if you needed to send a message to another base, you typed a DD Form 173 and took it to the Base Communications Center. Today, everyone has access to computers on MORE

Leadership recognizes, grateful for SAMFOX September 13, 2007 — As commander and command chief of the 89th Airlift Wing, we have the privilege of seeing outstanding members of Team Andrews answering a higher calling everyday. The result of this is nothing short of magnificent and exemplifies our first and foremost SAMFOX Universal Truth, "Perfection is the standard." Recently, Secretary of the Air Force Wynne MORE

Are you too comfortable? September 6, 2007 — OK. I know what you're probably thinking. What can a dentist possibly have to say that I would want to read? After all, a lot of those medics (and especially dentists and doctors) aren't in the real Air Force, right? What do they know about leadership or core values? That's what I thought when I first entered the Air Force in 1985. I was in for 3 MORE

ORM key to safe holidays September 4, 2007 — Have a good weekend and Be Safe. How many times have you heard that before you started a long weekend? Probably, multiple times. You probably reply, "Thanks, you too", but is that the last time you think about being safe until you return to the office following the weekend? I would suspect for many of us our thoughts about being safe are MORE

General ready for AFDW's future June 28, 2007 — Air Force District of Washington, commander Today I took command of the Air Force District of Washington. My wife Sharon and I would like to thank everyone for the great welcome. I am thrilled for the opportunity to command AFDW and build upon your accomplishments under the leadership of Maj. Gen. Robert L. Smolen. I am eager to get out and meet MORE

Time gone bye June 22, 2007 — Time flies when you are having fun, and it seems like just the other day that I accepted the twin guidons signifying the Air Force District of Washington and the Air Force National Capital Region. What an amazing time this has been! We stood the command up at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C., reorganized Andrews and stood up the 316th Wing, MORE

Base commander thanks Team Andrews January 16, 2007 — Let me welcome everyone back from the holidays and wish you all a safe, successful and prosperous 2007. 2006 was a time of change for Andrews Air Force Base as we experienced the stand-up of the 79th Medical Wing, stand-up of the 316th Wing and the transition of Andrews from Air Mobility Command to the Air Force District of Washington as the host. MORE

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