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NEWS | March 19, 2018

Mission, customer service, and pride

By Col. Scott A. Grundahl 811th Operations Group

JOINT BASE ANDREWS, Md. -- Being a part of the 11th Wing is both incredible and very challenging, because for many of you, your mission is both right here and expeditionary. When I flew the HH-60G Pave Hawk for combat search and rescue, deployments were frequent. At the same time, I did not have a home-station mission other than training and being in charge of mobility and deployment requirements. For the most part, when aircrew and aviation support personnel were at home, they were training, spinning up to deploy, or reconstituting.

Col. Scott A. Grundahl, 811th Operations Group commander
Col. Scott A. Grundahl, 811th Operations Group commander
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VIRIN: 180320-F-F3202-1001


You have missions or duties to support customers across Joint Base Andrews, the National Capital Region, or even around the world. What I have come to realize is that we all serve the needs of a greater good and we are all in the business of customer service. Our customers might be fallen veterans and their families, the president of the United States, owners of services high value assets, military members and their families, or patients from all walks of life. Even in the 811th Operations Group, we call the owners of the operation plans we support “customers.” We all can easily meet mission requirements and provide good customer service by showing PRIDE. 



When you are in charge of a program, you own it. You are the expert, self-taught if necessary, and you understand both the tactical details and operational implications of what you do. You understand that no shop should ever be one person deep, and you ensure processes are in place so others can continue your good work, supporting your customers, when you cannot. 



When a visitor enters your space or station, they immediately know you’re in charge, and they understand you’ll be leading them through your engagement. When you speak to a visitor, you speak clearly and with authority. Your posture says you’re a professional. You stand with your back straight, head up, and shoulders back. Uniforms are clean, the fit matches your build, and hair matches standards. Overall, your appearance demonstrates a professional image commensurate with the amount of dirt or grease you encounter on a given day. 



While customs and courtesies are important, this is much more. Your high expectations of yourself are obvious to others. This is the embodiment of the Air Force core values in a simple engagement between yourself and a customer, a special visitor, your subordinates, your peers, and leadership at all levels up to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. 



Thank YOU for what you do every day. YOU find yourselves at the tip of the particular spear you wield, and you do it with incredible acumen. YOU are where the rubber meets the road. YOU turn intent (and jet fuel) into reality. I’m so proud to be part of the 811th Operations Group, 11th Wing, Joint Base Andrews, and I’m proud to be part of the greatest Air Force this world has ever seen. 


Let’s get after it!